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B.S. Virtual Technology & Design


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Transforming the Digital World

Virtual technology has transformed the way we live and work. Learn to create virtual technologies for gaming, animated films, simulations, business and education, and other applications while studying art and design, computer science, animation, storytelling and much more. Build experience in design studios and hands-on projects for real clients to prepare for your career.

Why VTD?

The range of what can be accomplished through Virtual Technology and Design is broader than any one particular subject. Because of that, VTD is a blank canvas of possibilities to reflect your subject of choice, point of passion or expertise.

Fast Facts

  • Our interdisciplinary curriculum includes virtual design, spatial design, art, computer science, engineering, humanities and social sciences.
  • Build the next generation of entertainment, educational and business applications that promise to change the way people throughout the world live.
  • Collaborate with students and professionals to address real design issues through design studios and community outreach activities.
  • Graduate with valuable practical experience and an established portfolio of personal design work.

A Vandal Emmy

From Moscow to Hollywood

Matt Lefferts (VTD '08) pursued his lifelong dream to work in Hollywood––and ended up an Emmy award-winning 3-D Generalist at Fuse FX.


Learn to create virtual technologies for gaming, animated films, research simulations, business and education. Join us in this exciting field.


Virtual Technology & Design

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