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Media Library

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Media Library User Updates

Updated Thursday, August 3rd, 2023

New AI-driven Visual Search tool.

The PhotoShelter has added a new AI visual search tool. When enabled, the AI-driven Visual Search will allow you to search visual content rather than the associated metadata. With the AI Visual search enabled, users would search for broad terms or a phrase, for example, “students reading a book” or “Outdoor Enthusiasts” or “students celebrating.” A single keyword search will not work with the new AI tool. To search for specific buildings, events, or people the AI Visual Search will need to be disabled. The AI-driven Visual Search feature can be enabled or disabled in any of the search text boxes or by using the toggle switch in the search dialog.

Updated Wednesday, June 12th, 2023

Reorganization and Archival Process Complete.

The PhotoShelter Media Library reorganization and archiving process we began in July 2022 is now complete. Assets from 2018 to the present are now organized and available to search and browse for marketing and news media. All assets from 2017 and earlier have been removed from PhotoShelter and are now in the archives process. Please contact the Media Library to access assets in our archives.

New Brand Collection.

Media assets specific to our brand darts are now available in the new ‘Brand’ collection. Assets specific to darts 1 through 4 are now browsable in individual galleries.

Dart 1 - Social Extroverts

Dart 2 - Focused Academics

Dart 3 - Outdoor Enthusiasts

Dart 4 - Artistic Creators

We will continue to populate these galleries as assets are added to the medial library.

Updated Wednesday, March 29th, 2023

Cropping Images on Download.

PhotoShelter has added the ability to crop images on download. Users can select from a template for social media platforms, or select an aspect ratio to use as the crop. The available Social Media presets have the following aspect ratios:

Social Media Preset Aspect Ratio
Instagram Post 710 x 710 px
Instagram Story 399 x 710 px
Facebook Cover 820 x 312 px
Facebook Profile 180 x 180 px
Twitter Cover 1500 x 500

There is also the ability to make further adjustments to your image by resizing the crop overlay.

PhotoShelter: Cropping image on download support article

Updated Friday, Feb. 24, 2023

Search Improvements.

We have added two new automated keyword features to the Media Library. We now have PeopleID and ObjectID. PeopleID is a face recognition feature. The ObjectID feature adds general tags (like those for common objects such as trees, birds, flowers, etc.) to images. To include both the PeopleID and ObjectID while searching, please

confirm that the “Include Automated Tags” toggle is in the “on” position in the search dialog box. The search dialog can be accessed by clicking on “search” in the menu bar or initiating a search from the homepage or gallery search text box.

Reorganization and Archival updates.

We have completed reorganizing 2022 through 2019. Images from 2018 are searchable and are currently being distributed in the media library galleries. All images uploaded between 2017 and earlier are being transferred to the Library’s Special Collections Digital Archive. While we continue to work on this process, please continue to contact the media library staff for assistance if looking for images acquired up to 2017.

Updated Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2022 (Revised Feb. 24, 2023)

University Branded Photography and Video available for download for UIdaho users.

The University of Idaho Media Library is now accessible to employees to search, browse, and download content for university educational and marketing purposes at no cost. All other users can make a download request through the media library or by sending an email to During the next several months, we will be populating the new Media Library collection and its galleries with content from 2016 to the present. During this process, all of the content in this group will remain searchable, although browse-by capability will be limited.

Content from 2000 to 2015 is being transferred to the Library Special Collections and unavailable in the Media Library or through Special Collections during this process. If you are having difficulty finding media from 2000 to present during this transition, please contact the media library staff for assistance. We will post further updates here as we go through this process. Further information about the University of Idaho Media Library can be found on the Media Library webpage.


Media Library

Phone: 208-885-0128